A New Manuscript of Cicero's De Senectute - jstor

A NEW MANUSCRIPT OF CICERO'S DE SENECTUTE. By GEORGE REEVES THROOP. Codex C is a MS in the library of Cornell University. Its catalogue ...

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A New Manuscript of Cicero's De Senectute - jstor


A NEW MANUSCRIPT OF CICERO'S DE SENECTUTE. By GEORGE REEVES THROOP. Codex C is a MS in the library of Cornell University. Its catalogue ...

THE THIRD AGE On the Philosophy of Ageing: Cicero: de Senectute


19 Mar 2016 ... Cicero: de Senectute. James S. Reid (1882) Introduction to de Senectute ... Seneca (4 BCE- 65 CE): De Brevitate Vitae. See how they desire to ...

M. Tulius Cicero - Cato Maior de Senectute / Cato ... - Die Philosophen


M. Tulius Cicero - Cato Maior de Senectute /. Cato der Ältere über das Greisenalter. 1. „Oh Titus, wenn ich dir irgendwie helfen und deine Sorge mildern kann, ...

Plato, Carneades, and Cicero's Philus (Cicero, Rep. 3.8-31) - jstor


derived the argument from a treatise by Carneades' student Clitomachus, not from any ... 3.18).11. Philus begins to rebut this new beasts' (3.19). He calls to witne ... Academy, most likely known to Cicero and the Romans through the writings of ...

The Middle Voice in the de Senectute - jstor


THE MIDDLE VOICE IN THE DE SENECTUTE. In a paper on "The Nature of the Latin Passive in the. Light of Recent Discoveries,"' the writer advanced the ...

Flyer Förderverein Pro Senectute Region Bern - Pro Senectute Bern


Pro Senectute Region Bern. Region Bern be.prosenectute.ch. Förderverein Pro Senectute Region Bern. Muristrasse 12. 3006 Bern. Telefon 031 359 03 03.

Cícero: exílio, cartas e repetições Cicero: exile, letters and repetitions


referidas figuras nas 34 cartas por ele escritas durante o seu exílio, que ocorreu entre 58-57 a.C. ... a) Valete, mea desideria, ualete.23 (Fam. XIV, 2, 4) b) Quid?

Marcus Tullius Cicero, In Verrem II, 4, 106 Cicero spricht über ...


Vetus est haec opinio, iudices, quae constat ex antiquissimis Graecorum litteris ac monumentis, insulam Siciliam totam esse Cereri et Liberae consecratam.

On Cicero's Speeches - jstor


much virtus as Scaurus (so Cicero had as much as Sulpicius). Th claim is ... libidines obiciuntur, ego respondere soleo meis consiliis periculis ... I. Read firmior.

Cicero, In Catilinam 1.1 In 63 BCE, the orator and statesman Cicero ...


Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia? Nihilne te.

Molon's Influence on Cicero - jstor


orationibus pro Quinctio et pro Sex. Roscio. Amerino conspicua, Wiirzburg, 1878. 4 Cf. my paper on 'Phrasal Abundantia in. Cicero's speeches', C.Q. N.s. xviii ...

The Medicean Mss. of Cicero's Letters - jstor


(Leonardo Bruni); Epist. iii, 13, ed. ... Finally, we know from Petrarch, and also from Leonardo ... Mehus and to the Catalogue 2 of Bandini, the latter of whom.

Cicero on the Moral Character of the Orator - jstor


the ideal in Quintilian is the notion of vir bonus, dicendi peritus, but adds quite incorrectly that [die] Grundforderung, der Redner musse ein vir bonus sein, bei ...

Cicero's De Officiis and Machiavelli's Prince - jstor


in the Political Thought of Machiavelli," II Pensiero Politico, 4 (1971), 381-91 and his more recent Tacitus in Renaissance Political Thought (Chicago, 1976), ch.

Cicero's CVM Dignitate Otivm: A Reconsideration - jstor


approaches the meaning of salus and contains the notion of political freedom. Considered ... 66, 2 ' nam volgus, uti plerumque solet et maxime. Numidarum ...

Rhetoric and Intention in Cicero's Pro Marcello - jstor


RHETORIC AND INTENTION IN CICERO'S PRO MARCELLO*. By R. R. DYER. I. Caesar returned to Rome from his African campaign on 25 July 46 B.C. (by the.

An Unpublished Manuscript by Pirro Ligorio - jstor


of Pirro Ligorio, renowned architect, painter, topogra- ... proof of Pirro Ligorio's passionate dedication to the ... A. Pasta, Le pitture notabili di Bergamo, Ber- gamo ...

The Ethica Digressio and Cicero's Pro Milone: A Progression ... - jstor



Cicero's Construction of Consular Ethos in the First Catilinarian - jstor


sively diminish his initiative: Tandem aliquando, Quirites, L. Catilinam ...ex urbe vel eiecimus vel emisimus vel ipsum egredientem verbis prosecuti sumus,.

A Study and Inventory of the Manuscript Modena, Biblioteca ... - jstor


ModB has been in the Biblioteca Estense in Modena ever since it has been known to ... is some special connection between this saint and the locale for which a ... 212. In honor of the birth of. Antoine de Bour gogne, 1430. Beginning of S and.

The Manuscript Tradition of Seneca's Natural Questions - jstor


testo nelle "Naturales Quaestiones". Nota. I. L'ordinamento dei libri', AAT 107. (1973), 249-69; his comments on Z are on pp. 264-7. 10 Cf. CQ N.S. 28 (1978), ...

An Italian Romanesque Manuscript of Hrabanus Maurus - jstor


H. Mordek: "Al tempo della Riforma gregoriana si ebbe in. Italia una grande ... Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, MS Amiatinus 3. (Berg, Studies, 61, 76 ...

A Manuscript of Taccola, Quoting Brunelleschi, on Problems of ... - jstor


in the speech about inventors and their public. Taccola expresses similar sentiments (for instance. Lat. 197 fols. 30r, 31r). Evidently Brunelleschi finds a kindred ...

Print and Manuscript Culture in Donne's Circle - jstor


69) both in composition and in transmission. The "careless" and less than serious Donne is a twentieth-century version of Walton's "careless" and facetious ...

a hebrew manuscript of clavicula salomonis, part ii - jstor


Key of Solomon').3 This Hebrew handbook of magic, a vademecum of astral magic and necromancy, is part of a very complex flow of traditions which goes back ...

Cicero's Rhetorical and Philosophical Works, 1957-1963 - jstor


de Ciceron sur les tAches et les devoirs de l'homme d'etat," Acta ... Livy (cited by Seneca, Suas. 6.220) has ... of the De senectute and De amicitia (106) Paola.

The Tradition of Caesar's Gallic Wars from Cicero to Orosius - jstor


between Caesar on the one hand, and Dio Cassius, Appian,. Plutarch, etc., on the ... capias suadeo et ad nos quam primum recurras" (May, 54. B.C.), and (Ep. Att. ... summotus est, hic insidiis in valle dispositis dolo (suo ?) perrupit. 7. Appian's ...

Magnitudo Animi and Cosmic Politics in Cicero's De re Publica - jstor


sed quo sis, Africane, alacrior ad tutandam rem publicam, sic habeto, omnibus, qui patriam conservaverint, adiuverint, auxerint, certum esse in caelo definitum ...

A Newly Discovered Sixteenth-Century Motet Manuscript at ... - jstor


diem et noctem et non taceat pupilla oculi tui quia in te occisus est salvator israel. (Let thy tears flow like a torrent day and night, and let the pupil of thine eye.

Indo-Portuguese Songs of Sri Lanka: The Nevill Manuscript - jstor


Hugh Nevill, a British colonial officer working in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) from 1869 to ... (1) Da Silva (1990) mentions 'Old Portuguese' songs still being. Batticaloa ...

A Listing of West Coast Archival and Manuscript Sources - jstor


Fremont, Jessie Benton, wife of explorer and politician, John. Charles ... Whitney, Sarah Ware, editor and owner of the Women s ... 20 boxes, 8 feet, 1916-1965.

Early Breitkopf & Härtel Thematic Catalogues of Manuscript ... - jstor


THE PUBLISHING HOUSE of Breitkopf & Hartel at Leipz twenty-five thematic catalogues from 1760 to I787, th them with German and twenty-two with Italian titles.

Manzoni's Letter on Romanticism: A Missing Manuscript Found - jstor


Autografo di una lettera di Alessandro Manzoni scritta a Cesare d'Azeglio sul Romanticismo in Italwa. Scritta nel 1823, fu publicata solo nel 1847 (meglio 46).

Literary Interests of a Roman Magnate Quintus Tullius Cicero - jstor


auctoritate coniungas et ab iis de quibus optime tu meritus es et qui tibi omnia debent hoc petas ut ... that no slaves of the kind Atticus liked could be ex- pected from that ... pluris quas scribis te dedisse non acceperam . ... totum in litteris vidil24.

Three Simple Questions for Teaching Cicero's "First Catilinarian" - jstor


college Latin classes, it may be partially adaptable for use in the high school classroom as ... Quae cum ita sint, Catilina, perge quo coepisti, egredere aliquando ...

Cicero "de Oratore" 2.51-64 and Rhetoric in Historiography - jstor


Cicero famously declared history to be an opus oratorium maxime {leg. 1.5) which required a summus orator {de Orat. 2.51). But he also noted that the. (?).