Deliverable 4.3 - Wincer Project

30 Sep 2017 ... production plants located in Sassuolo and Fiorano (Modena, Italy). The LCA is based on data declared by Marazzi group. The LCA model was ...

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Deliverable 4.3 - Wincer Project

30 Sep 2017 ... production plants located in Sassuolo and Fiorano (Modena, Italy). The LCA is based on data declared by Marazzi group. The LCA model was ...

Project AtlantOS – 633211 Deliverable number 8.2. Deliverable title ...

31 Aug 2017 ... (2013) explored the offshore farming potential in Norway, Ireland and Spain for salmon (Salmo salar), blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) and cobia ( ...

deliverable 2.5 - Energise Project

31 May 2018 ... drilling for oil and gas in the Adriatic sea, LNG terminal on Island of Krk and ... ... are: Romgaz SA, OMV Petrom SA, Amromco Energy SRL, Raffles Energy.

Deliverable 1.4, type RE - SHEBA Project

which around 25% was attributed to Russia (ESPO, 2015). There is a global tendency to pack more types of cargo in containers. Nevertheless within the Baltic.

Deliverable 5.7 - Project Newsletter 6 - European Commission

7 May 2019 ... (TESAF Department, UNIPD), Giulia Corradini, (TESAF Department,. UNIPD), Alex Pra (Etifor Srl), Davide Pettenella, (TESAF Department,.

Project Deliverable - European Commission - Europa EU

31 May 2017 ... listener and create individualized products with a higher diversity than the 9.99 per month price tag, ... capture key data and analytics through technologies like iBeacons, RFID and NFC. ... the new media world is evolving.

Deliverable D.1.3 of Action D.1 Project Brochure ... - Biocopac Plus

EDICTA is a communication agency specialized in the preparation of graphical products. It has its legal head and operations offices in Parma. 2.2 Contents of ...

Optimi deliverable - Bonvoyage 2020 Project

CartaFRECCIA is the Loyalty Programme provided by Trenitalia S.p.a. (an Italian ... "Presenta un amico": it gives the possibility to receive a bonus for each friend.

Deliverable 2.1.2 Detailed Project Description 06 - TNIT2 Tunisia - Italy

Project TNIT2 consists of an interconnection between Italy and Tunisia ( 600 MW ... If there is no transmission of active power, both converter stations operate as ...

sage cluster mapping deliverable 2.3 - SAGE Project

27 Mar 2013 ... Omar HAMMAM [email protected] 33 1 45 52 54 ... the heating requirements of the nearby Pinerolo town residential and commercial ...

MAGIC Deliverable 4.1 (revision) - MAGIC-NEXUS Project

31 Jul 2017 ... Estimated effort contributor(s) (PM):. UAB: 22,0 PM; HUTTON: 2,0 PM; WU: 2,0 PM; UT: 1,0 PM; UNINA: 3,0 PM; ITC: 2,0 PM. Internal reviewer:.

Deliverable of WG4 Deliverable 18 - NEREUS-COST Action

Adrian Silva and Dr. Vitor Vilar, members of the WG4 and local organizers. 2. Summer school objectives. The Summer School was an intensive five-day course ...

Title of the project Typology of project Project website ... - ITU

Greece. Dev Day for Women. Community-building Software Guru. Mexico. Mamá Digital. Training

Deliverable D3.1.0 - SEE - ITS

28 Feb 2013 ... Programmable Logic Controller. PPP ... In particular, the Telepass system for automatic ... 1 TELEPASS System (All the motorway network).

Deliverable 5.5

13 Sep 2018 ... work the author utilized the ab initio program MONSA [Svergun, 1999] with a four-phase bead model for a protein: (1) protein, (2) detergent ...

Deliverable 1.1

29 Sep 2016 ... García-Valverde R, Nieto R, Lachica M &. Aguilera JF ... García-Valverde R, Barea R, Lara L, Nieto. R & Aguilera ... Salumificio Del Vecchio. IT.

CIPRNet deliverable D8.522

2 References. [CIPRNet] FP7 NoE CIPRNet homepage: ... clude the success of Honda scooters ... www.eos.ecom. Netonets ...

SRT-15 Deliverable Temaplate

15 Apr 2018 ... tion. Emanuel Onica. UAIC. Ferucio Laurențiu Țiplea. UAIC. Paul Diac. UAIC. Raluca Necula. UAIC. George Teşeleanu. UAIC. Lucian Gâdioi.

UMOBILE Deliverable

10 May 2018 ... The MajorNet platforms will gain the role of smart UMOBILE-sed WiFi access points and in-networks smart service execution gateways (SEG), ...

Deliverable - Squarespace Dissemination Report.pdf

29 Oct 2018 ... practices between these projects' coordinators and produce interesting recommendations for the future. Zusepe Elias. Zidda. (EUKNOW). Life.

Deliverable 5.1 - Europa EU

3 Jul 2019 ... 1) Every entity (IoT platform or actor) who wants to use any of the endpoints of the categories Blob, Box and Transaction must first register itself in ...

deliverable - uncap

22 Feb 2016 ... Authors: Mariolino De Cecco, Luca Maule (UNITN); Giuseppe Conti, ...

WonderWeb Deliverable D18

14 May 2003 ... 3 DOLCE: a Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive ... we do not intend DOLCE as a candidate for a “universal” standard ontology.

Deliverable 4.3.1 - Cordis

7 Jun 2013 ... Today, users in the digital media world have adopted often more than one ... categories, each treated separately: Set-Top-Box (STB), Android ...

Deliverable 8.5 PDF - RobotCub

9 Jan 2004 ... Bierredi. 61801 SKF. 39 010. 6592011. Bierredi ( /bierredi/contatti.htm) [email protected] 61803. 61803, Skf -. Radial ball.

deliverable d 2.2 - Bestufs

(2) a quantification of the contribution of urban freight solutions to EU policy ... entering limited traffic zones (video cameras, telepass, RFID, photo cameras). In some ... that rule to GNV (Natural Gas) vehicles and other fuel-alternative powered.

Project acronym: LADIO Project number: 731970 Work package ...

is the technical manager of LADIO project, to coordinate the partnership in all development-related ... Simone Gasparini and Pr. Géraldine Morin. Two engineering ... Oleh Rybkin and Petr Hruby from postdoc Federica Arrigoni. QUI. The project ...

Deliverable C3 - LIFE UrbanProof

Figure 9: Water impact maps of Reggio Emilia municipality for scenario 4.5. ... Store Runoff → None to Low (Rainwater harvesting stores runoff for local use, with the ... Extensive green roofs (known as: sedum roofs, eco-roofs or living roofs).

WP4: deliverable 4.1 report - AVATAR

15 Mar 2015 ... The present document describes the deliverable D4.1 “Comparison of models with respect to stability analysis of the AVATAR RWT” within the ...

NERA Deliverable D11.2 - ORFEUS

strong topographic effects: Task 11.4 of NERA will realize them. The detailed ... to amplification and polarization, but mostly the internal structure of the rock and the large stiffness ... Its epicenter ...

deliverable - EAGLE Portal alternative term. Collar de ... alternative term veret / fémlelet hu created ... 2013-10-02 01:02:39. Andromeda de.

Deliverable D10.1 – Descrizione del set up di acquisizione e del ...

RICONOSCIMENTO DEI GESTI CON SISTEMI DI MOTION CAPTURE BASATI SUI ... mano. Sulle punta delle dita è posto un marker di colore unico, in quanto la ...

deliverable 1.3 -

31 May 2016 ... LISPA. Robert. vanderStichele. Custodix / Univ. Gent. José Costa ... not limited to, medical devices, drugs, biologics, veterinary medicine, and ...

Deliverable D4.5 (v2) - European Commission

7 Jul 2018 ... User Manual and Tutorial for Programming of ... for development. A simple screenshot of a min map in Coggle is presented in Figure 7. This.