Distributed spot pricing in radial distribution systems - IEEE Xplore

Spot pricing is a method for pricing electricity that maxi- mizes the economic efficiency of the power system. We derive an expression for the spot prices in a ...

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Distributed spot pricing in radial distribution systems - IEEE Xplore


Spot pricing is a method for pricing electricity that maxi- mizes the economic efficiency of the power system. We derive an expression for the spot prices in a ...

Distributed adaptive learning of signals defined over ... - IEEE Xplore


Paolo Di Lorenzo. 1. , Paolo Banelli. 1. , Sergio Barbarossa. 2. , and Stefania Sardellitti. 2. 1. Department of Engineering, University of Perugia, Via G. Duranti 93, ...

a distributed measurement system for power quality ... - IEEE Xplore


E-mail: [email protected] it, htt&/lesim 1 .ing.unisannio.it. Abstract: The paper deals with the design and implementation of. TRANSIENTMETER, a monitoring ...

FROV: a distributed broadcast protocol for VANET ... - IEEE Xplore


Alessandro Amoroso, Luca Gandolfi, Simone Grassilli and Marco Roccetti. Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna. Mura Anteo Zamboni 7, ...

Distributed Control and Estimation of Robotic Vehicle ... - IEEE Xplore


2 Aug 2016 ... Justin Thomas visiting. Niagara Falls. Roberto Tron with his favorite robot. Luke Johnson. Vijay Kumar. Han-Lim Choi in July 2014. One of the.

Lyapunov-Based Design of a Distributed Wardrop ... - IEEE Xplore


Ricciardi Celsi, F. Cimorelli, F. Delli Priscoli,. A. Di Giorgio, A. Giuseppi, and S. Monaco are with the Department of Com-.

2016 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Vol ... - IEEE Xplore


Chicco, G., see Paterakis, N. G., TPWRS March 2016 1048-1062 ... casting. Kavousi-Fard, A., , TPWRS Jan. 2016 18-26. Fault Location Using Wide-Area ...

IEEE Control Systems Magazine - IEEE Xplore


from 1993 to 1998 and is now Professor of Model Identification and Data Analysis. From 1988 to 1995, Prof. Bittanti acted as national coordinator of the Italian ...

Investigation of the RTN Distribution of Nanoscale ... - IEEE Xplore


Salvatore M. Amoroso, Member, IEEE, Christian Monzio Compagnoni, Member, ... [11] B. Kaczer, J. Franco, M. Toledano-Luque, P. J. Roussel, M. F. Bukhori,.

Symptom Distribution Regulation of Core Symptoms in ... - IEEE Xplore


Abstract — In the recent decade, clinical data mining in. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based on complex networks has been becoming a hot topic.

Systems of ISASI-CNR - IEEE Xplore


Alina Buzachis∗, Giuseppe Massimo Bernava‡, Mario Bus`a‡, Giovanni Pioggia‡, Massimo Villari∗, Member, IEEE. ∗. Department of Mathematics and ...

Scoring systems in dermatology - IEEE Xplore


[email protected] Linda Tognetti,MD; Pietro Rubegni,MD. Department of Medical, Surgical and Neurological Science. Dermatology Section ...

Principles of Communication Systems - IEEE Xplore


Principles of Communication Systems-H. Taub and. D. L. Schilling ... of communication systems in ... tories, Inc., working on network design and modulation tech-.

Contribution of HVDC Systems in Increasing the ... - IEEE Xplore


[email protected] Francesco Castelli Dezza. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Politecnico di Milano. Milan, Italy [email protected]

On the Design of Structured Stabilizers for LTI Systems - IEEE Xplore


Francesco Ferrante , Member, IEEE, Fabrizio Dabbene , Senior Member, IEEE, and Chiara Ravazzi , Member, IEEE. Abstract—Designing a static state-feedback ...

Smart measurement systems for Zero-Defect ... - IEEE Xplore


Paolo Chiariotti. Dip. Ingegneria Industriale e Scienze. Matematiche DIISM. Università Politecnica delle Marche. Ancona, Italy [email protected] Matteo Fitti.

Performance of LoRa for Bike-Sharing Systems - IEEE Xplore


... Domenico Garlisi, Fabrizio Giuliano, Alice Lo Valvo, Stefano Mangione, Ilenia Tinnirello ... Corresponding author: Domenico Garlisi, [email protected]

A simple STLC test for mechanical systems ... - IEEE Xplore


Universith degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” ... trollability (STLC), a property which is suficient for ... for testing STLC in underactuated mechanical systems.

Secure Crowdsourced Indoor Positioning Systems - IEEE Xplore


IPSes target large indoor environments where GPS signals are unavailable, unreliable, or inadequate. They can actively locate mobile users (devices), provide ...

Real-Time Networks and Distributed Systems Dsign of Distributed ...


Dsign of Distributed RTS. The core for the development of real time systems. Running system. 6. RT-Networking: Basic Problem. Competing traffic. Guarantees.

Understanding the spectral hardenings and radial distribution of ...


26 Feb 2018 ... Bongi, V. Bon- vicini, S. Borisov, et al., Science 332, 69 (2011), 1103.4055. [6] M ...

2016 Index Proceedings of the IEEE Vols.102&#x2013 - IEEE Xplore


Edrington, C. S., see Cupelli, M., JPROC Dec. 2015 2355–2380 ... Oxide Technology for Touch Free Interactive Flexible Displays; JPROC. April 2015 644–664 ... Mattia, D., see Muller-Putz, G., JPROC June 2015 926–943. Maxey, C., see ...

Outstanding Conference Paper Award: 2017 IEEE ... - IEEE Xplore


Silvia Beltrami, Emilio Camerlenghi, Massimo Bertuccio,. Alessandra Costantino, Ali Zadeh, Véronique Ferlet-Cavrois,. Giovanni Santin, and Eamonn Daly, and ...

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid publication information - IEEE Xplore


GIANFRANCO CHICCO, Polytechnic Univ. of Turin, [email protected] ... Michael Wilson, Senior Project Manager, IEEE Smart Grid Village. KRISTIN ...

Joint Meeting of the 17th Edition of the IEEE ... - IEEE Xplore


The plenary session of the joint EEEIC and I&CPS Europe conferences. Page 2. 93. ©2017 IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine – Volume ...

Introducting the New Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE ... - IEEE Xplore


... Editor-in-Chief, Professor Fabrizio Lombardi. Fabrizio is a professor in the. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Northeastern University.

IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society ... - IEEE Xplore


Universidad de Oviedo. Gijon 33203 SPAIN ... Firenze, FI 50139, ITALY e-mail: [email protected] LOREDANA CRISTALDI. Dipartimento di Elettronica.

Distributed Systems


OR: The GUID name space very large and flat (>2128), allowing it to be much more fully occupied. – Load balancing: IP: Loads on routers are determined by ...

Distributed Systems - Biblioteca - UTCN


Students are asked to implement an application using both JAVA and .NET web services to highlight the most important aspect of SOA, platform interoperability.

Improving the Secrecy of Distributed Storage Systems using ... - arXiv


lllk ll r rr. -. -. . α distributed uniformly at random over q. F . The set of random symbols r is appended to the secure message to obtain the general message q.

IronFleet: Proving Practical Distributed Systems Correct


fer, log truncation, dynamic view-change timeouts, batching, and a reply cache. We prove complete functional correctness and its key liveness property: if the ...

Introducbon to Parallel compubng and Distributed systems - High ...


... to sequenbally execute 4 instrucbons no mater how many processors you get h)p://www.docstoc.com/docs/2698537/Introducbon-‐to-‐Parallel-‐Programming ...

Maddalena - IEEE Xplore


The Digitizing of Donatello's “Maddalena”. Gabriele Guidi, Senior Member, IEEE, J.-Angelo Beraldin, and Carlo Atzeni. Abstract—Three-dimensional digital ...

Low cost 112 Gb/s InP DFB-EAM for PAM-4 2 km ... - IEEE Xplore


Low cost 112 Gb/s InP DFB-EAM for PAM-4 2 km Transmission. C. Caillaud(1), M. A. Mestre Adrover(2), F. Blache(1), F. Pommereau(1), J. Decobert(1), ...