Vincenzo Borghini's Collection of Paintings, Drawings and ... - jstor

reveal that Borghini owned nearly sixty works of art, comprising paintings, ... provided the ideal vehicle for the rendering of intricate detail in miniature.8 As for.

Vincenzo Borghini's Collection of Paintings, Drawings and ... - jstor- Documenti correlati

Vincenzo Borghini's Collection of Paintings, Drawings and ... - jstor

reveal that Borghini owned nearly sixty works of art, comprising paintings, ... provided the ideal vehicle for the rendering of intricate detail in miniature.8 As for.

Vincenzo Borghini and Invenzione: The Florentine Apparato of ... - jstor

N APRIL 1565 Vincenzo Borghini, artistic adviser to Cosimo I de' Medici, presented the ... doglia ec. Questi la caccera per ogni villa, Finchi l'arai rimessa nell'.

An Inventory of Goltzius Drawings from the Collection of ... - jstor

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617), which is the subject of this article. ... of Goltzius drawings was once owned by Christina.2" ... La Madonna: Cristo in seno: S. Gio.

Additions to the Drawings Collection of the Marqués del Carpio - jstor

dell'Abate: Storie, dipinte nella pittura del Cinquecento tra. Modena e Fontainebleau, exh. cat., Modena, Foro Boario,. 2005, p. 110, fig. 11. 85. Inv. no.

Drawings from the Collection of Lambert Krahe at Düsseldorf - jstor

Munich Susanna apart, most rewarding ... Rusconi. Schaar introduces a drawing. (No.Io6; Fig.82) as a study for ... drawing from Rusconi's hand, one of the.

Don Vincenzo Borghini -

fare è tradurre in lingua enochiana i nostri desideri. A questo fine, può essere utile il preziosissimo dizionario istantaneo inglese- enochiano che si trova in rete a.

Seurat, paintings and drawings - MoMA

Huisman, Paris; Mr. Georges Keller, New York; Mr. E. Coe Kerr, Jr., New ork; ... gun to paint "scientific" impressionism, Seurat and Signac are invited. Sends 5.

nineteenth century european paintings, drawings and sculpture

Gérôme. The Drawing Course, Paris, 2003; accompanying the exhibition Charles Bargue,. The Art of Drawing at the Dahesh Museum of. Art, New York, 2003/04, ...

zaha hadid early paintings and drawings - Serpentine Galleries

8 Dec 2016 ... Serpentine Sackler Gallery, one of Zaha Hadid Architects' first permanent ... We have maybe five projects in Italy: one in Rome, one in Salerno ...

A Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings in The ...

H e exhibited at the. Royal Academy and painted in the County of Norfolk as well as in. London. During that period he remarried. I n 1785 Earl and his English.

Borghini's Print Purchases from Giunti - jstor

Eliana Carrara and Sharon Gregory. Very little is substantially known about print collect- ing and print collections during the Italian Renais- sance. Much of the ...

Vasari e Borghini sul ritratto. Gli appunti pliniani della Selva di ... - jstor

di Eliana Carrara ... pare impossibile che colui il qu?le ama cos? di vedere et riconoscere le effigie de gli huomini antichi illustri, per paragonare la fisionomia a i.

section 01340 - shop drawings, working drawings ... - Taylor County

shop drawings, data and samples for materials and equipment specified elsewhere in the. Specifications and in the Contract Drawings. B. Within thirty (30) ...

Géricault's Paintings of the Insane - jstor

of the Salpetriere hospital.2 He adds that Georget survived Gericault only for a short time,3 and that at ... degli alienati preconizzata in Italia dal. Vasala, Daquin e ...

The Paintings of the Grotta Campana - jstor

of Hephaestus to Olympus under the escort of Dionysus. This theory ... 1 In the background of Gentile da Fabriano's Adorazione dei lMagi and of. Benozzo ...

Florence in Two Pollaiuolo Paintings - jstor

looking a view of country estates, but it is fair to state that these two paintings ... images in Florentine art, see S. Blasio, Il mito di Firenze nelle vedute d'insieme.

the oil paintings of hugh douglas hamilton - jstor

Mss Canoviani, Biblioteca Civica, Bassano del Grappa: Epistolario Comu. Epistolario Sceltoli, 79, 1554-56. See Fintan Cullen, 'Hugh Douglas Hamilto. Canova' ...

The Paintings Commissioned by Pope Clement XI for the ... - jstor

Clemente in atto di dare il Velo a S.a (Petronilla, erased, corrected to:) Flavia ... Chiari Scolaro delfu Cau(alliere) Maratta gia dipinto Nella Soffitta della Naue ...

Jacopo Bassano's Later Genre Paintings - jstor

anco sono molte altre opere di esso Bassano, che sono sparse per. Venezia ... The Return of the Prodigal Son (Fig.7) is signed on the cup- board door at left: ...

Erotic Drawings by Gericault - jstor

Erotic Drawings by Gericault. Lorenz Eitner. Gericault practically never represented women," noted. Charles Clement, whose book on the life and work of.

Drawings by Jacopo Zucchi - jstor

da' Franzesi':21 Belonging to a group of four paintings, two of which were by Zucchi and the other two by Naldini, the picture was carried out in chiaroscuro and ...

Some New Drawings by Antonio Gherardi - jstor

is a design by Gherardi for two large silver vases which were to be made by Tomasso ... i. I 1 .1 r? cS1 ?1 ic?l ?a:?-.- 13f lcs. K ' '" . ' L-Stp. I t L-. ,- ,,.b. _. , > Ii;e_.

Two New Guercino Drawings in Bologna - jstor

Vite de pittori bolo- gnesi, Bologna, I678, II, p. 362. 6. I Guercino, I969, p. 44; Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, I99I, p. 7 and n. 28 on p. 8. On Padre Mirandola and ...

The Paintings of Hendrick Ter Brugghen 1588-1629 - jstor

studies about the Utrecht Caravaggisti. He also published works on other artists, among them Hieronymus Bosch, Adri aen van Ostade, Rembrandt and ...

Picasso Paintings at Auction, 1963-1994 - jstor

Abstract We examine the market of Picasso paintings sold at auction between ... PICASSO PAINTINGS AT AUCTION, 1 963-1 994 235 ... t^^i"cx)»o^o<ovo^ »o o.

Metaphor and Metonymy in the Paintings of René Magritte - jstor

IN THE PAINTINGS OF RENE MAGRITTE. Randa Dubnick ... ThIrapeute (The Therapeutist, 1937)15 a man's chest is replaced by a cage, with one white bird ...

Circular Poem-Paintings by Apollinaire and Carrà - jstor

6 Mar 2020 ... 387, n. 47). But the poem he singles out ("Voyage") has no onomatopoeia ... established. "SOLE SCROTO SBADIGLIO" stresses the sun's size.

Roman Wall Paintings from Boscotrecase: Three Studies in ... - jstor

lapigi (Milan, 1988) pp. 263-311. See also idem, "The First Celtic. Expansion: Prehistory to History," Daniele Vitali, "The Celts in. Italy," and Ermanno A. Arslan, ...

The Pleasures of Taxonomy: Casta Paintings, Classification ... - jstor

and their children with Spaniards are often termed a saltatrás or tornatrás: a. “throwback” (Figure VI). Subsequent generations are depicted as departing.

Post-War Discoveries: Early Italian Paintings-II - jstor

Chicago and Villa Verucchio paintings are probably attributable to ... such close-up views of the Saviour may simply have ... A date about 1250 might fit all the.

Heart and Soul and the Pulmonary Tree in Two Paintings by ... - jstor

Piero della Francesca's reputation as one of the great, in- novative masters of ... Piero's quincentenary: E. Battisti,Piero della Francesca, 2d ed., Milan,. 1992; C.

Arthur Dove's Music Paintings of the Jazz Age - jstor

THE COMPARISON OF MUSIC to painting has been a. I subject of discourse for ... O'Keeffe's Blue and Green Music (1919, The Art Insti- tute of Chicago), and ...


simple example about which there can be no doubt. The Villa. Savoye has, as a key feature of the design, a roughly U-shaped plan form to the ground floor (see ...

on a book of drawings by ambrogio figino - jstor

of Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, who speaks of him on more than one occasion, both in his Trattato ... no compelling reason why this should be the case. They certainly ... Pagan Sacrifice belonging to Mr. G.F. Gathorne-H was first reproduced in ...

Becoming Japanese: Manga, Children's Drawings, and the ... - jstor

and (h) non-manga drawings?humans and animals (of the types children either bor row from one another, learn to draw from their observations of photographs ...

Five New Chalk Drawings by Aureliano Milani - jstor

uomini nudi, musculosi, e terribili, sono il piacere di questo pittore, e la delizia, siccome i malinconici, e vul- gari, come messioni, e mercati, e cose simili.