Deep Humanities - Piero Scaruffi

11. Shallow vs Deep Thinking. • Who started it? – Thomas Edison: “Boxing Cats” (1894). – Steven Chen: “Pajamas and Nick Drake”. (2005), the first cat video on ...

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Deep Humanities - Piero Scaruffi

11. Shallow vs Deep Thinking. • Who started it? – Thomas Edison: “Boxing Cats” (1894). – Steven Chen: “Pajamas and Nick Drake”. (2005), the first cat video on ...

A new age? - Piero Scaruffi

14 Apr 2015 ... can be wrong (optical illusions). – Perceptions ... perhaps, the fact that it is so bad at remembering. ... Human brains are designed to acquire a.

The Space Age - Piero Scaruffi

Judith Malina's and Julian Beck's Living. Theatre: "Paradise Now" (1968). "Paradise Now" (1968): the actors provoke arguments until the audience leaves ...

A History of Knowledge - Piero Scaruffi

to Mecca carrying 500 slaves and 100 camels. • 1453: After the fall of Constantinople and the loss of their eastern trading posts, the Italians turn to Africa for ...

A brief History of Videogames - Piero Scaruffi

1974: John Daleske's Empire III for ... S3 Graphics' S3 86C911, the first graphics ... Halo 3. • Super Mario Galaxy. • Crysis. • Call of Duty IV – Modern Warfare.

No Slide Title - Piero Scaruffi

30 Sep 2014 ... A religion for the protection of the state, not ... Romans not interested in individual immortality ... Senators (aristocrats) are more likely to.

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30 Sep 2014 ... Modest, frugal, law-abiding citizens. • "Qui, non quid efficere posset in re ... God (e.g., a mouse is God). – More Greek philosophy than Quran.

Thinking about Thought - Piero Scaruffi

5 May 2015 ... A theory of heredity (wrong - later replaced by ... or brains. – Very complex design can emerge spontaneously via an algorithmic process ...


Night Of The Living Dead (1968). Sunset Boulevard ... The traditional definition of death: no heartbeat, no breathing ... 1998: Philip Kennedy develops a brain.

The Ancient Near East - Piero Scaruffi

1500 BC: a caravan trader, Abraham, leads nomads. (Hebrews) from Sumer to Canaan and then on to Egypt. 1350 BC: Ugarit (in Syria) employs an alphabet of ...

What the Muslims knew - Piero Scaruffi

North Arabian saddle (that turns camels into means of transport and ... Camel-breeding nomads control ... The camel overland (north Africa) and the dhow on the.

What the Modern Age knew - Piero Scaruffi

Sun Ra: Cosmic Tones For Mental. Therapy ... The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (Unfinished. Ballet In ... Jimi Hendrix: Third Stone from the Sun. 6:50.

What the Renaissance knew - Piero Scaruffi

Paul Kennedy: The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers (1987) ... 1619: Matthias dies and Ferdinand II succeeds him, but Bohemia instead recognizes Frederick V ...

Virtual Reality - Piero Scaruffi

... Valley, 2003). – (Silicon Valley, 2003). – IMVU (Silicon Valley, 2004). 9 ... Texture Mapped. Model. Internet. 4G/Wifi. Expert Side. Gregorij Kurillo ...

Blockchain and Fintech - Piero Scaruffi

Piero Scaruffi, 2018 ... Tencent's qq coins (China, 2005) - shut down by China. •. Liberty Reserve ... Utility Settlement Coin (2016): consortium of banks (UBS ...

Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity - Piero Scaruffi

Susan Langer: our brains are symbol- producing machines. • We don't just “do” things: we invent ... Common sense. Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?

Demystifying Machine Intelligence - Piero Scaruffi

Nick Bostrom wrote that the reason A.I. scientists have failed so ... For example, Edwin Drake discovered ... argued by Nicholas Carr in “The Shallows” (2010).

Humankind 2.0: The Technologies of the Future 6 ... - Piero Scaruffi

Andrew Beck at Stanford built one of the earliest A.I. systems for cancer pathology. • Working with Philips to diagnose breast cancer. Andrew Beck. Aditya Khosla ...

The History of Rock Music - The Sixties - Piero Scaruffi

masterpieces, Anthem Of The Sun (mar 1968 - jul 1968), Aoxomoxoa (mar ... Ra's cosmic jazz and Frank Zappa's dadaistic sketches, and obsessed with the.

The History of Rock Music - The Seventies - Piero Scaruffi

four-part vocal harmonies, of jingle-jangle guitars, of hard-rock riffs, and of ... ghetto phenomenon, associated with gang-style violence, but Jimmy Cliff's.

The History of Rock Music - The beginnings - Piero Scaruffi

The spirit of the age was summed up by John Kennedy. (1961), the ... RPM was dead, and the 45 RPM came to symbolize a new era of prosperity and fun.

The History of Rock Music - The Nineties - Piero Scaruffi

Stephen Immerwahr's sleepwalking litanies evoked Nick Drake and Tim. Buckley. That emotional "black hole" attained nirvana with White Birch. (1994), featuring ...

The History of Rock Music - The 2000s - Piero Scaruffi

The Beach Boys played surf music, and the Beatles' music was Mersey-beat, a variant of pop music. Dylan was a folksinger. Somehow they all got lumped into ...

The History of Rock Music - The Eighties - Piero Scaruffi

29 Sep 2010 ... her the nickname of "all-american jewish-lesbian folksinger". She ... hangover crossed with Nick Drake's moribund dejection. With These.

Paradigm Shifts A History of Knowledge Oct 6 - Dec ... - Piero Scaruffi

5 Apr 2006 ... of the Arabian peninsula (camel caravans) ... North Arabian saddle (that turns camels into ... Camel-breeding nomads control commercial.

The History of Rock and Dance Music - The Seventies - Piero Scaruffi

Funky Stuff (1973) to Celebration (1980); the vocal trio Labelle, featuring Patti. LaBelle ... The sound of disco-music began to change after (1978) Dave Smith (of.

O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus Em BCB Em 1. O the deep, deep ...

G D . Em B. Underneath me, all around me,. Em Am Em Am B. Is the current of Thy love. Em B C B . Em. Leading onward, leading homeward. G B Em ...

Tancredi Tucconi Piero Daniele Cossellu Piero Sanna - Byterfly

solista), mesa 'oche (mezza voce), contra (controvoce gutturale) e bassu (basso gutturale). La voce solista porta il canto stabilen do intonazione e ritmo, tacendo ...

piero della francesca - IISS Piero Calamandrei

documentato nel 1439. Piero della Francesca, Veduta di Borgo San Sepolcro, partic. ... Domenico Veneziano, Pala di. Santa Lucia dei ... •Pala di Montefeltro. ▻.

Deep exhalation Deep inhalation Chakra Padasana 49 Pada ...

Pada Sanchalanasana. 50. Chakki Chalanasana. 63. Nauka Sanchalanasana. 64. Marjari-asana. 119. Vajrasana. 109. Vyaghrasana. 121. Shalabhasana. 206.

OH THE DEEP, DEEP LOVE - Sovereign Grace Music

Leading onward, leading homeward. Em7. A/C# Bm | A. To Your glorious rest above. A/C#. Bm. G2. D. CHORUS Oh the deep, deep love, all I need and trust. Em.

do deep convolutional nets really need to be deep (or ... - OpenReview

last two models (*) are numbers reported by Ba and Caruana (2014). Model. Architecture. # parameters Accuracy. 1 conv. layer c-mp-lfc-fc. 10M. 84.6%. 2 conv.

Do Deep Convolutional Nets Really Need to be Deep and ...

4 Mar 2017 ... 2 TRAINING SHALLOW NETS TO MIMIC DEEPER ... 2 conv. layers: 50 - 500 filters, 100 - 400 filters, number of hidden units is the dependent ...

Numero 6 - Scaruffi Levi Città del Tricolore

da Reggio Emilia verso ... Pagina 2. TLS News” - ANNO IV — NUMERO 6 - GIUGNO 2013. UN'USCITA DIDATTICA MOLTO “INCISIVA” ... “REGGIO COMICS 2”.

Augmented reality and deep lea ted reality and deep ... - Ingenio

m Rotman, Ian Keough, Chiara Rizzarda, Antonello di Nunzio, ianchini, IlkerKaradag,MarziaBolpagni, Valentina Sumini, ederico Faggin. And the biggest thanks ...