Humbert's America - jstor

Nabokov takes us on a national tour of inflation and distortion - linguistic ("Maffy. On Say" for my ... class props inappropriate to Humbert the Hound - as he observes the behavior of his teenager. Humbert ... Speak English"]. That idol of your ...

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Humbert's America - jstor

Nabokov takes us on a national tour of inflation and distortion - linguistic ("Maffy. On Say" for my ... class props inappropriate to Humbert the Hound - as he observes the behavior of his teenager. Humbert ... Speak English"]. That idol of your ...

On Humbert Humbert's Mental Disease in Nabokov's Lolita

3) Considering that Lolita is a statement written by an accused pedophile, it is only. 1. ... had begun to affect my thoughts, and now they seemed couched in ita.


emigrated from Sora, Italy and was a skilled cabinet maker. After retiring ... Bert Lucarelli, an oboist with expertise playing in symphony orchestras, made his New.

Le superposé Benelli 828 U Silver - Humbert

le fusil de chasse superposé Benelli. 828 U est décliné dans deux versions qui sont dénommées Black et Silver. Ce fu- sil se distingue avant toute chose par un.

Catálogo de Productos - Bodegas Williams & Humbert

Salcis Crianza. 100% Tempranillo, crianza durante 12 meses en barricas de roble y posterior refinado en botella. Graduación: 14% Alc. /Vol. Nota de cata: de ...

M. HUMBERT, La c.d. llibertà associativa nell'epoca decemvirale

nell'epoca decemvirale: un'ipotesi a proposito di XII Tab. VIII.27 ... L'allusione alla legge decemvirale proviene, come si sa, dal commentario (quarto libro) di ...

A Key into the LANGUAGE OF AMERICA: OR, An help to the ... - jstor

bracelets) are currant with the English for a peny. The incling to blew, which is ... Nquittómpeg, or nquitnishcâusu , that is, one fathom, 5 sh fathom of this their ...

Altgeld's America - jstor

Texas Technological College. ALTGELD'S AMERICA: THE LINCOLN IDEAL VERSUS. CHANGING REALITIES. By Ray Ginger. (Funk and Wagnalls: New York, ...

Landscape Painting in America - jstor

rather than loved. Few landscapes were produced in this country before ... fessional landscape painter was the obscure and eccentric ... The response to this demand was the work of Frederick E. ... We even find Church in Labrador, where his.

The Novel and the City: England and America in the ... - jstor

With cruel tournament the squadrons join;. Where cattle pastured late, ... the novel of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is a City animal'. 1 The standard ...

Le riserve d'oro dell'America - jstor

quella importata fece pervenire agli Stati Uniti un avanzo netto di solamente. 84 milioni di ... d'oro degli Stati Uniti è discesa press'a poco al livello medio del 1923. ... cile, perchè ricondurre la proporzione della circolazione alla riserva aurea al ... commerciale bancario, per il finanziamento delle compere con pagamento ra.

America and the Arabian Peninsula - jstor

Arabian Peninsula. Almost to the end of the two centuries which separate us from that singular ceremony in Philadelphia, Arabia was a subject for the specialist ...

The Daguerreotype's Popularity in America - jstor

In the fall of 1839 the daguerreotype first appeared in New. York City, adding a truly democratic dimension to American art. The daguerreian image was ...

América y el arte de la Memoria - jstor

Entre lineas de un trillado excusatio propter infirmitatem surge la afirmaci6n de la mexicanidad de Sor Juana unida a un sorprendente reproche a la percepci6n ...

Something to Sing About: America's Great Lyricists - jstor

"Embraceable You," "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" - raises the inevitable ... Nowadays, performers write the lyrics and music for their own songs, but in ...

Marooned in the Cold War: America, the Alliance, and the ... - jstor

America, the Alliance, and the Quest for a Vanished World ... cessful military alliance in history" - torn by conflicts ... Russians in (say) Poland, that the alliance is.

Economic Reform in Latin America - jstor

the global swing towards deregulation and privati zation of markets. Sustained ... Now banking difficulties in the U.S. and. Japan, and the demise of OPEC have ...

Freedom of the Press in Latin America - jstor

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. IN LATIN AMERICA: A Thirty-Year Survey. Kim Quaile Hill, University of Houston at Clear Lake City. Patricia A. Hurley, University of ...

America en la España de Antonio Machado - jstor

Con la excepción de los escasos análisis dedicados a la figura del indiano en "La ... voz poética identifica con su alma vieja: "Es una tarde cenicienta y mustia /.

¿El fin de la reforma agraria en América Latina? - jstor

sefiala el final de la reforma agraria de Mexico, permite la venta de tierra del ... El efecto que tiene la redistribuci6n tambien recibe una gran influencia de la poli-.

Bibliography of Italian Studies in America - jstor

Enrico M. Fusco: La Lirica. (Storia dei generi letterari italiani). 2 vols. Milan, F. Vallardi, 1950.

Bibliografia de Historia de America (1953-1957) - jstor

Historia Ling??stica y Literaria 16325-16342. Historia Art?stica ... Gran Colombia: Guerra y Marina". En ella el sabio ... hasta Ricardo Pittini (1935, n?m. XLIX).

Trans-Pontem: A Bridging between Europe and America by ... - jstor

nazionale Lorenzo Da Ponte," Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), November 23-26, 1989. It aims to ... The America in which Da Ponte landed was already a country insti-.

Castro: Economic Effects on Latin America - jstor

can countries. What makes the situation even worse is the growing de? mand by the military for increasingly sophisticated and complex weapons ?

Corporate Advertising in America: A Review of Published ... - jstor

the literature appears to reflect that corporate advertising has been successful in promoting image, products and services, and company position statements ...

descubrimiento y conquista de américa: mito y realidad - jstor

descubrimiento y conquista de america: mito y realidad. En treinta y tres días pasé a las Indias con la armada que los ¡Ilustríssimos Rey e Reina, Nuestros.

Latin America and the Challenge of Globalizing the History of ... - jstor

tery that depicted anal intercourse, fellatio, and masturbation. Only rarely d construct explicit images in which the penis penetrated the vagina. One an.

The Future Pope Comes to America: Cardinal Eugenio ... - jstor

Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli's Visit to the ... When Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, Vatican Secretary of State, disembarked from the ... His appointments with the four cardi.

The Savanna Vegetation of Northern Tropical America - jstor

Siall terimiite moun(ds like those of the Trinidad savannas are not uncolilillon. ... notably the jaguar and puma. Where savannas exist side by side with large ...

A propósito del decadentismo en América: Rubén Darío - jstor

parnasianismo, parece que el llamado decadentismo y el simbolismo se combi nan con el tiempo para definir toda una sensibilidad colectiva que surge en.

Interest Groups and Theories of Power in America - jstor

ANDREW S. McFARLAND*. Three models of interest groups, power and political process in America are con. Truman-Dahl-Lindblom pluralism of the 1960s; ...

Rapporti tra Stati Uniti e America Latina - jstor

l'America Latina; 2) porre in rilievo, da un lato i motivi d'ordine gene- rale che suggeriscono ai ... tinente americano di pieno diritto nel mondo occidentale. All'alba del ... l'assoluta necessità e diciamo pure convenienza che i paesi progrediti e.

Bibliografia de Historia de America (1951-1952) - jstor

Historia de la Cultura 12941-12952. Historia Ling??stica ... mino terrestre ofrec?a enormes dificulta des naturales ... Fray Dionisio de Sanctis, O. P.. MHisp, 1951 ...

The Cure for Domestic Neglect: Better Homes in America ... - jstor

magazine.' By 1924, government officials took greater control, readjusting the organizational structure of the movement. Better Homes in.

Distribution and Variation in the Native Sheep of North America - jstor

Nelson, E. W. 1884?A new geographical race of mountain sheep (Ovis montana dalli, var. ?.) from Alaska. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus. 7:12-13. -1930?Wild animals of ...

Rappresentazioni letterarie dell'emigrato italiano in America ... - jstor

mente positiva, gli emigranti ne affiancano un'altra ricca di contrad dizioni e ... in America, gli Italiani sono probabilmente i meno adattabili allo standard ...