The Politics of Polygamy: Olympias, Alexander and the Murder ... - jstor

that a royal father was treating a woman's son as heir would dramatically s Develin, "Murder", 92; J. R. Hamilton, Plutarch, Alexander. A Commentary (Oxford.

The Politics of Polygamy: Olympias, Alexander and the Murder ... - jstor- Documenti correlati

The Politics of Polygamy: Olympias, Alexander and the Murder ... - jstor

that a royal father was treating a woman's son as heir would dramatically s Develin, "Murder", 92; J. R. Hamilton, Plutarch, Alexander. A Commentary (Oxford.

Callisthenes on Olympias and Alexander's Divine Birth - The Ancient ...

γενέσεως) to Zeus Ammon.5 This report requires that before Siwah. Alexander had ... Alex. 27.4–11; Arr. Anab. 3.3–4; Curt 4.7.5–32; Diod. 17.49.2–51.4; Just.

Murder: The State of the Art - jstor

Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye. Murder Most Foul: The ... This was especially evident in the case of Martha. Beck and Ray Fernandez, ... vulnerable women in search of love, Beck and Fernandez became the subjects of a story that ...

Alexander Siloti. The Alexander Siloti Collection - jstor

The Alexander Siloti Collection: Editions, Transcrip- tions, and Arrangements for Piano Solo. Introductory notes by Charles. Barber. (The Masters Collection.) ...

Caroline P. Murphy. Murder of a Medici Princess. - jstor

Caroline Murphy's lively account of the life of Isabella de' Medici sheds light ... He betrothed her to the twelve-year-old Paolo Giordano Orsini, a desirable match ...

De Roo: Alexander VI. 117 - jstor

Guicciardini or Zurita or Commines when they fail to support his opin- ion; you can not ... mother Vannozza to the protection of Cardinal Rodrigo at Rome, while.

Alexander Gerschenkron - jstor

Alexander Gerschenkron: A Personal and Fond Recollection. HENRY ROSOVSKY. Alexander Gerschenkron, Walter S. Barker Professor of Economics Emeritus ...

Alexander's Early Life - jstor

Alexander's accession and again after his death her desire for ve erupted in ... heir. Quick to anger, as always, Alexand bastard?' and threw a cup at him. Philip.


an image as a new (and Roman) Alexander.3 Trajan's Alexander-like image coincided ... Geiger (2002) 95–6 argues that Trajan's imitation of Alexander goes ...

The Lyrics of Alexander Montgomerie - jstor

Helena Shire and Mark Dilworth are mainly concerned with the poet's life, although ... JACK: THE LYRICS OF ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE 169 does not mix ...

La ricerca e le visioni di Alexander Bellman Alexander ... - Gruppo C14

Università, Studio e lavoro,. Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32. Libraccio Bovisa. Via Candiani, 102. Libreria Cortina. Via Ampere, 20. Libreria Hoepli. Via Hoepli, 5.

Alexander's Charge at the Battle of Issus in 333 BC - jstor

ALEXANDER'S CHARGE AT THE BANTLE OF ISSUS. IN 333 B.C.*. In 1980 in my book Alexander the Great: King, Commander and Statesman I set out my ...

Alexander's Hellenism and Plutarch's Textualism - jstor

Plutarco (Ferrara, 1986), 83-96; S. C. R. Swain, 'Plutarchan synkrisis', Eranos 90 ... self-restraint (E. Villeri, 'I1 chalinos come sphragis del tiranno', CCC 9 [1988],.

The Alexander Legend in Central Asia - jstor

to the Land of Darkness.18 In this form the Legend was afterward incorporated in its totality into ... In the popular traditions recounted by John de Piano Carpini,.

Alexander, Zeus Ammon, and the Conquest of Asia - jstor

Alex. 2. 8 Cf. Badian (above, note 2) 47; Bosworth, "Alexander and Ammon" (above,.

Alexander VII and the Private Builder: Two Case Studies in the ... - jstor

of Palazzo D'Aste, both in Rome, located in close proximity to one another and ... legio Romano was projected from the college's inception under Gregory.

questions of identity: alexander vii, carlo rainaldi, and the ... - jstor

ceremonies ever seen in the Eternal City. Beginning with her official ent ... Saints Paul and Peter placed atop these columns under S. Catholic Church over the ... torcia accesa, col suono delle Campane: Avantaggiastasi verso il palazzo vidde ...

The Forgotten Musical Life of Alexander Siloti. By Scarecrow ... - jstor

Lost in the Stars: The Forgotten. Musical Life of Alexander Siloti. By. Charles F. Barber. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2002. [xix, 429 p. ISBN 0-8108-4108-8.

Synesthetic Perception: Alexander Scriabin's Color Hearing - jstor

perception is examined, and an analysis of the Tastiera per luce in the orchestral ... chord is characteristic of the harmonic vocabulary Scriabin employed in all.

The Motive for Murder in "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar ... - jstor

"The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe. ELENA V. BARABAN. UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA. Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask ofAmontillado" (1846) has never ...

Ghostly Politics - jstor

[Table-]turning epidemic, and the newspapers, which finally had to break the ... During that first seance, as Hugo's daughter Adele recounted it in her journal, ...

ippolito desideri, alexander csoma de körös, giuseppe tucci - jstor

This уеаг 1984 is indeed a significant date in the history of our studies. It marks the ... Giuseppe Tucci was born at Macerata in Central Italy on June 5th,. 1894.

il volume di thomas alexander szlezák, "come leggere platone ... - jstor

volume degli scritti di Platone con un libro agile, che aiutasse il lettore ad affrontare i dialoghi. Impegni e scadenze diverse hanno impedito a. Reale di aderire a ...

Why the Moro Trials Have Not Settled the Moro Murder Case - jstor

5 Francesco Cossiga, “Tra Moro e lo stato io scelsi lo stato,” La repubblica ... 32 Enrico Fenzi, Armi e bagagli: Un diario dalle Brigate rosse (Genoa, 1987), p. 25.

Rock and the Politics of Memory - jstor

(Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco," the Flowerpot Men's "Let's Go To San ... forms, blues and folk and jazz, and addressed nonpop issues; the San Fran-.

The Politics of Astrophil and Stella - jstor

5Quotations from Astrophil and Stella are from The Poems of Sir Philip Sidney, ed. William A. Ringler, Jr. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1962). 6The "wits" emphasize ...

military-first politics of kim jong il - jstor

MILITARY-FIRST POLITICS OF KIM JONG IL. Dae-Sook Suh. Political leaders play a dominant role in all aspects of. North Korean life > and the change in the ...


actions and behavior is not freedom but the necessities of life and ... clearly that the root of sovereignty is the will: Sovereign is who wills and com mands.

Decoding Visual Politics - jstor

Through pura cultura (living between two or more worlds), prior to multicul- turalism, diversity, and postcolonial theories,. Fusco has woven her art practices and ...

The Politics of Snorri Sturluson - jstor

Sverre Bagge, Society and Politics in Snorri Sturlusons Heimskringla (Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1991); Diana Whaley, Heimskringla: An Introduction ( ...

How to Recognize a Lesbian: The Cultural Politics of Looking ... - jstor

such a thing as a "lipstick lesbian" and that I probably wa only one even though she could not acquaint me with any was at a New Year's Eve party at which I had ...

Politics and Commemoration in Renaissance Naples: The ... - jstor

mention the tomb of Carlo Pignatelli, and those written after the eighteenth-century renovation also note the dome decoration and the marble altar. However ...

The Politics of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - jstor

Pious Princes and Red-Hot Lovers: The Politics of. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Jerry Weinberger. Michigan State University. Shakespeare's Romeo and ...

Cheerleading and the Gendered Politics of Sport - jstor

The bid for sport status on the part of cheerleaders revolves around the desire for ... participants act out simple scenarios compatible with the lyrics (lassoing a.

The X-Files and the Aesthetics and Politics of Postmodern Pop - jstor

I will argue that as the series evolves it questions dominant modernist tropes and more aggressively deploys postmodern aesthetic strategies and themes. My ...

Brazil: The Politics of the Cruzado Plan - jstor

Meanwhile, Funaro's economic team prepared the way for the. Cruzado Plan by introducing ... Senator Alfonso Camargo of the PMDB said that, when the ...