Efficiency-Aware Watermarking using Different ... - IEEE Xplore

[email protected] George Mastorakis. Department of Business. Administration. Technological Educational Institute of Crete. Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece.

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Efficiency-Aware Watermarking using Different ... - IEEE Xplore


[email protected] George Mastorakis. Department of Business. Administration. Technological Educational Institute of Crete. Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece.

Impairment-aware routing and wavelength ... - IEEE Xplore


parent Mesh Optical Networks (DICONET) project are dedicated to the specification of a control/management plane for dynamic lightpath establishment (see the ...

and Network-Context-Aware Streaming Over 5G ... - IEEE Xplore


7 Sep 2018 ... Traditional multimedia streaming technologies, however, do not pay attention to ... multi-RAT HetNets whereas radio channels are jointly man-.

Traffic Aware Scheduling Algorithm for reliable low ... - IEEE Xplore


†DEE, Politecnico di Bari (Italy), {n.accettura,a.grieco,g.boggia}@poliba.it. ‡CTTC (Spain), [email protected] Abstract—The Time Synchronized Channel ...

A Context-Aware Style of Software Design - IEEE Xplore


20126, Milano, Italy. Email: [arcelli, braione, zanoni]@disco.unimib.it, [email protected] Abstract—Contemporary large software systems rely on com-.

An Energy-Aware Transmission Target Selection ... - IEEE Xplore


5 Jun 2019 ... of Power and Calculation of Axis UAV Flighting Endurance. [Online]. Available: http://www.paper.edu.cn/releasepaper/content/2016-12-3.

Effect of the bearings faults on the efficiency of the ... - IEEE Xplore


Lucia Frosini. Ezio Bassi. Christian Gazzaniga. Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica, Università di Pavia, Via Ferrata, 1, 27100 Pavia, ITALY. E-mail: [email protected]

Alternative Efficiency Test Protocol for Lithium-Ion ... - IEEE Xplore


[email protected] Roberto Guerrieri. Politecnico di Torino. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. Torino, Italy [email protected]

IIoT-based Motion Control Efficiency in Automated ... - IEEE Xplore


[email protected] Filippo Marabelli. Lenze Italia srl. Milano, Italy. [email protected] Abstract— The Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) approach.

2016 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Vol ... - IEEE Xplore


Chicco, G., see Paterakis, N. G., TPWRS March 2016 1048-1062 ... casting. Kavousi-Fard, A., , TPWRS Jan. 2016 18-26. Fault Location Using Wide-Area ...

Outstanding Conference Paper Award: 2017 IEEE ... - IEEE Xplore


Silvia Beltrami, Emilio Camerlenghi, Massimo Bertuccio,. Alessandra Costantino, Ali Zadeh, Véronique Ferlet-Cavrois,. Giovanni Santin, and Eamonn Daly, and ...

2016 Index Proceedings of the IEEE Vols.102&#x2013 - IEEE Xplore


Edrington, C. S., see Cupelli, M., JPROC Dec. 2015 2355–2380 ... Oxide Technology for Touch Free Interactive Flexible Displays; JPROC. April 2015 644–664 ... Mattia, D., see Muller-Putz, G., JPROC June 2015 926–943. Maxey, C., see ...

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid publication information - IEEE Xplore


GIANFRANCO CHICCO, Polytechnic Univ. of Turin, [email protected] ... Michael Wilson, Senior Project Manager, IEEE Smart Grid Village. KRISTIN ...

Joint Meeting of the 17th Edition of the IEEE ... - IEEE Xplore


The plenary session of the joint EEEIC and I&CPS Europe conferences. Page 2. 93. ©2017 IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine – Volume ...

IEEE Control Systems Magazine - IEEE Xplore


from 1993 to 1998 and is now Professor of Model Identification and Data Analysis. From 1988 to 1995, Prof. Bittanti acted as national coordinator of the Italian ...

IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society ... - IEEE Xplore


Universidad de Oviedo. Gijon 33203 SPAIN ... Firenze, FI 50139, ITALY e-mail: [email protected] LOREDANA CRISTALDI. Dipartimento di Elettronica.

Introducting the New Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE ... - IEEE Xplore


... Editor-in-Chief, Professor Fabrizio Lombardi. Fabrizio is a professor in the. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Northeastern University.

ASNI - IEEE Xplore


30 Aug 2018 ... ASNI uses a shunt low- drop-out (LDO) regulator to suppress the AES current signature by >200× in the supply current traces. The shunt LDO has.

network - IEEE Xplore


Jiajia Liu, Xidian University, China. Pascal Lorenz ... Daojing He, Qi Qiao, Yun Gao, Jiajia Zheng, Sammy Chan, Jinxiang Li, and Nadra Guizani. DeepFocus: ...

An 8-b 400-MS/s 2-b-Per-Cycle SAR ADC With ... - IEEE Xplore


DAC, successive approximation register (SAR), 2-b-per-cycle. (2 b/C) ... achieving Over 60 dB SFDR with adaptive digital equalization,” in ... sign of Very High-Frequency Multirate SC Circuits—Extending the Boundaries ... European Initiatives.

Maddalena - IEEE Xplore


The Digitizing of Donatello's “Maddalena”. Gabriele Guidi, Senior Member, IEEE, J.-Angelo Beraldin, and Carlo Atzeni. Abstract—Three-dimensional digital ...



Moncef Hammadi, Jean-Yves Choley. Quartz –Supméca. Saint-Ouen, France [email protected], [email protected] Stanislao Patalano.

On the Performance of 169 MHz WM-Bus and 868 ... - IEEE Xplore


[email protected] ... manufactured by the Italian company Meter Italia [16] and a. WM-Bus ... mented for our measurement campaigns by Meter Italia.

Alter-Ego - IEEE Xplore


15 Dec 2019 ... ical human–robot interactions, ALTER-EGO is powered by variable-stiffness ... A revised release of the University of Pisa/Italian Institute of.

RRAM - IEEE Xplore


and Daniele Ielmini, Senior Member, IEEE ... [email protected]). Z. Wang ... neria and Italian Universities Nanoelectronics Team, Politecnico di Milano,.



RACOS: Transparent Access and Virtualization of. Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators. Charalampos Vatsolakis. ∗. , Dionisios Pnevmatikatos. ∗†. ∗.

Low cost 112 Gb/s InP DFB-EAM for PAM-4 2 km ... - IEEE Xplore


Low cost 112 Gb/s InP DFB-EAM for PAM-4 2 km Transmission. C. Caillaud(1), M. A. Mestre Adrover(2), F. Blache(1), F. Pommereau(1), J. Decobert(1), ...

scanning the literature - IEEE Xplore


They also propose Chu-ko-nu mining to ensure that the effective mining power in each zone is at the same level of the entire network, and makes an attack on ...

Divine Comedy - IEEE Xplore


1 Mar 2015 ... “Considerate la vostra semenza: fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza”. Canto XXVI: Ulysses. Inferno (Hell), The ...

Electronics Letters - IEEE Xplore


C. Conti and S. Trillo (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Via Baldassarre. Castiglione 59, 00142 Roma, Italy). G. Assanto (Department of Electronic Engineering, Terza ...

Exploring Metasystems - IEEE Xplore


Therefore, the metasystem's requirements are always incomplete, and its de sign boundaries are in flux. As the environment evolves, the meta system redesigns ...

Beam&#x2013 - IEEE Xplore


Beam–based alignment of the CLIC high-gradient. X-Band accelerating structure using beam-screen. Pasquale Arpaia. ∗. , Roberto Corsini. †. , Antonio Gilardi.

Systems of ISASI-CNR - IEEE Xplore


Alina Buzachis∗, Giuseppe Massimo Bernava‡, Mario Bus`a‡, Giovanni Pioggia‡, Massimo Villari∗, Member, IEEE. ∗. Department of Mathematics and ...

A 40–67 GHz Power Amplifier With 13 dBm and 16 ... - IEEE Xplore


Matteo Bassi, Member, IEEE, Junlei Zhao, Student Member, IEEE, Andrea Bevilacqua, Senior Member, IEEE,. Andrea Ghilioni, Member, IEEE, Andrea Mazzanti, ...